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Galvanic Surveys

A Galvanic Survey is a detailed report to assess the status and efficacy of the anodes which are used to protect expensive and critical metal structures under the water-line of your vessel.

As part of their boatyard services ABS will not only fit new anodes but in instructing ABS to undertake a full Galvanic Survey, you will receive a written report with recommendations and can be assured that the following details have been considered:

  • The correct size of anode is used
  • The anode is placed in the optimum position to offer maximum protection
  • The anode is eroding at the correct rate
  • Stray AC or DC generated from structures near your vessel, such as the dock are taken into consideration

  • The Galvanic Survey option is more accurate than visual inspections which not only give a snapshot at the time but are costly and time consuming.

    An ABS Galvanic Survey is carried out on your berth, requires no boat lift and will give you peace of mind that you have maximum protection against electrolytic erosion.

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