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Health, Safety & Environmental Objectives

We are committed to sustainability solutions including cutting waste, encouraging recycling and reducing our impact on climate change by minimising use of energy.

Our policies and procedures, monitor energy use and manage the day-to day activities that have an environmental implication.

As a responsible service provider AllBoat Services, Orca Hull Care and Plymouth Osmosis Centre are constantly identifying opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions.

We have set objectives to reduce our waste consumption and our waste management policy applies the waste hierarchy i.e. Eliminate, Reuse, Recycle. This is employed throughout our office, workshops and site based activities.

Any activities that may pose a risk to the environment are identified and control measures are recommended.

This Health, Safety & Environmental statement covers these websites (www.allboatservices.uk, www.orcahullcare.co.uk, www.plymouthosmosiscentre.co.uk), which is managed by AllBoat Services Ltd.